Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day

Did anyone watch the groundhog this morning?  I was dropping W off at school but we listened on the radio--6 more weeks of winter.  Maybe that means we'll actually get some winter weather around here this year!

I decided to work on a little Groundhog craft with my boys.  I remember doing this as a kid and knew that it would be fun.  I know this post is coming a little late in the day but if you need a last minute craft this one is really simple!

disposable cup (styrofoam would work best but we used plastic and it worked)
popsicle stick
image of groundhog (I used this one)
tape,crayons, scissors

Just color your groundhog, cut it out and tape to the craft stick.  Then you'll cut a slit on the bottom of your cup big enough to insert your stick.  Now the groundhog can pop up and check his shadow!


  1. I love this it is sooo cute. If I had ground hog day in Jamaica I would so do this craft :D

  2. Very cute! We used a TP roll and freehanded the groundhog. Yours looks much nicer.