Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine Craft

Valentine's Day is such a fun holiday to celebrate with your children.  It's nice to be able to take some extra time to show your sweet kids you love them.  But we can do that all the time right?  It doesn't have to be fancy or even cost anything.   I loved the 10 little tips over at Little Wonders' Days to show your kids you love them.  My favorite is warming up a towel in the dryer to wrap them in after their bath.  I remember my mom warming up our pajamas in the dryer for after our bath when my sisters and I were little.  That was my favorite.  And how come I've never done that for my kids?  I will now.

This year I decided to pick up those cute little mailboxes at the Target dollar spot for my kids.

  My kids have had a blast sneaking little notes into each others mailboxes.  They think it's so much fun.  I put a little something in their box each night so they have a surprise every morning to look forward to. Among the little notes and treats I've left I've also slipped in a magnetic bookmark, a felt heart pocket, these little felt valentine envelopes, and cupid's bow and arrows. I hope to make this a fun new tradition in our family.

My daughter and I have also been busy planning a Valentine's Day get together for some of her friends like last year.  It will be fun.

I spied this simple craft over at Little Page Turners and thought we'd have fun with it.  All you need is an empty paper towel tube, some paper, and some paint.

To start, bend your paper towel tube into a heart like this:

Then get your paint ready . . .

Dip your tube in . . .

And you can make the sweetest little hearts.  Perfect for Valentine's Day.

Have fun!

What simple things do you do for your kids to show you love them?


  1. The tube for the heart is a really good idea !

  2. Awesome idea! I can't wait to try it with my girls :)
    PS. I am your newest follower :)

  3. Cute! I just did the toilet paper roll turned heart stamp with my son today - he had so much fun! :)