Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cup Towers

We recently had our spring break.  I was looking forward to letting the boys run around outside for hours on end--and then it rained!  It rained so much that even when it got to be nice outside it was still muddy.  I needed something fun to do indoors!  I found this idea on Pinterest awhile back and pinned it for a day when we needed something to do.  Unfortunately we couldn't find our Nerf darts so we improvised and used bouncy balls instead!

We started with one brother building the tower and then the other knocking it down.  The boys really got into it and made up all kinds of rules (how many throws you get, how to earn "bonus points", etc)

This game was a definite keeper!  The boys had just as much fun building different towers as they did knocking them over!  Plus, it kept them happy and busy for a long time--bonus for me!


  1. Good game, I think I will use it for my grandkids.

  2. Oh, my sons are gonna LOVE this!!!! I'll go from grumpy mama to fun mama in five minutes or less!!! Love it! BTW, I pinned this - thanks for the idea.