Monday, April 9, 2012

Teacher Appriciation Gift

Teacher appreciation Day is on May 8 (which also happens to be my wedding anniversary!).  It will be here before you know it.  Inspired by Rachel, I made this vase for my daughters kindergarten teacher this year.

I found the vase at the dollar store and Jeanine was nice enough to make the vinyl and send it clear across the country for me.  Aren't sisters great like that?

 Now I just need to decide what to put in it.  I'm drawing a blank here.  Should I stick with the apples?  Maybe some freshly sharpened no. 2 pencils?  What would you put in it?  I'd love some ideas!

Check back next week for another teacher appreciation gift idea with a free printable.


  1. I know it seems too obvious but- flowers- just cut from the garden. Love flowers.

  2. As a teacher, I can say pencils crayons or erasers are ALWAYS appreciated... I swear the kids eat them!

  3. How about finding out what your daughters favourite activities are and using that as a guide, if she loves to paint and draw, add crayons and paintbrushes. If she loves to be outside, make a layered effect with sand, seeds and flowers at the top. Or just add coloured sand to make it easy to add things to the vase.
    She could also draw a picture that you use to line the vase with and then you could add the apple to hold the picture in place.
    As a teacher, I love this idea and think that it will be appreciated no matter what but I would love to have a personal touch added.
    Thanks for sharing this great idea.

  4. That is so cool! I bet she will love it! (And happy anniversary!)

  5. This is lovely! I know it is the obvious choice but you can't go wrong with flowers in this pretty vase. I found you through Skip to My Lou's site today. I linked up teacher appreciation ideas too. Thanks for sharing! from Holly

  6. This is to stinking cute. What a great job. I would love it if you showed it off at my new linky party @

    I can't wait to see what else you create.


  7. This is so simple but so pretty! -Jessica@GreenPB&Js

  8. Oh wow! I love this! I'm a teacher, and a gift like this would make my day. I think a pretty bouquet of flowers would be great, or put a mix of stuff in the vase like school supplies, a gift card to somewhere, etc. Teachers are happy with anything you give them, trust me :)

    I found your blog through the link up and I love it! I'm now your newest follower :)