Monday, January 14, 2013

100 Days of School Project

Is the 100th day of school coming up at your child's school?  
What a fun day to celebrate!  How come they didn't do this when I was in school?

Last year my daughter worked on a project to bring to school on the 100th day. 
After brain storming with me for ideas she decided that she wanted to make a paper gumball machine and put 100 gumballs inside.

We printed off a template of a gumball machine here.

We used the template to create our own gumball machine.  Then we gathered colorful scraps of paper and a single hole punch and got to punching out all those gumballs.

It was a lot of work for a five year old to make 100 punches and count out all those tiny circles, but she persevered.

And there you have it.  100 gumballs to celebrate 100 days of school.

What kinds of projects have your children done to celebrate the 100th day of school?


  1. I am a teacher and I love this! Pinning it now!

  2. Last year my kindergartener glued 100 jelly beans to a laminated cardstock "jar". It turned out pretty cute.

  3. What a cute idea. I bet it was exciting to reach that milestone!

  4. Oh how cute is that??! Please come link it up at our new Pinterest party:

  5. Adorable, and could be used as a chart of sorts too, or as a way of counting down to an exciting date! Thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

  6. Cute! My girls have counted out pennies and beans, but nothing so cute as this!

  7. So cute. Do love all the sweeties.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  8. That is SUCH a cute gumball machine. I currently have a daughter in Kindergarten, so we may end up stealing this idea.

    When my oldest was in Kindergarten 4 years ago she tried on 100 outfits. We took pics of them and put them in an album. Here is the blog post for when I (I mean she) did that: