Monday, January 21, 2013

On-the-go Coloring Case

Ready for a super simple, super successful, on-the-go activity to make for your kids?
I'll be forever in debt to my sister Elise for pointing this one out to me from Simply Frugal Mom.
My kids love this!

Target has these perfect little first aid kits located with the travel items in the health and beauty section of the store.  I picked up two of these, one for each child, and emptied the contents into a Ziploc bag to keep in my car.

Then I filled the case with crayons . . .

And taped a pack of post-it notes to the inside lid.
Ta-da!  The perfect on the go activity to keep in your purse for emergencies or great to bring along when traveling.  I can't tell you how much my kids have loved these.  A special little coloring case just for them.  And what kid doesn't like to peel off post-it notes?  I know mine do!  That's half of what makes this so much fun--peeling off the post-it notes.

And when the post-it notes run out just add a new pad.  Perfect!


  1. This is fantastic! So simple and inexpensive, but I can see it being such a hit! I will definitely be making this for some cute cousins of mine.


    Thanks for sharing! You're so creative.

  2. Cool! This is one of those "why didn't I think of that" ideas. I love it!

  3. This is so awesome! I already have all of the materials already, thanks for sharing a wonderful and easy to put together idea!!!

    Jennifer @ Sparkle & Splatter

  4. Saw your post on Sew Can Do Craftastic Monday. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. My post is #164.

  5. What a great idea...I just wish my boys actually colored.

  6. perfect size!! Might be making a few of those for gifts too.

  7. This is a perfectly simple and fabulous idea!

  8. That is so cute and SUCH A GREAT idea!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  9. I saw you with these at church and copied you!!! They are great and my kids love them!

  10. LOVE this! And I think I just found the perfect thank you gift to give out at Arden's 4th birthday party! Thanks for linking up at Thrifty to Nifty Thursdays at A Jennuine Life.

  11. Very cute! I may have to do that; they would hold up a lot better in the diaper bag then notebooks!

  12. Great idea - my 3 yr old would love this and I would love not having pens or crayons loose in the bottom of my bag! Visiting from View From River Mountain. Would love if you linked this to my Craftastic Party too:)