Monday, August 5, 2013

Dragon Books For Kids!

Dragons have been very popular at our house lately.  Not only do my kiddos love to pretend they're brave knights slaying dragons but we've also been devouring any dragon book we can find at our local library.  Below are some of our very favorites, along with our top picks.

My #1 pick
Not Your Typical Dragon by Dan Bar-el
Everyone knows your typical dragon breathes fire.  But when it's time for Crispin to breathe fire on his seventh birthday, fire doesn't come out--only whipped cream!  When Crispin tries to breathe fire, he ends up with band-aids, marshmallows, teddy bears!  Crispin wonders if he'll ever find his inner fire.  But when a family emergency breaks out, it takes a little dragon with not-so-typical abilities to save the day.  

My daughters #1 pick
The Dragon's Pearl by Julie Lawson
Xiao Sheng loves to sing--to celebrate the beauty of the river on which he and his mother live, and to lift his spirits during times of hardship.  Each day, as he sets off to cut grass to sell in the village, he comforts his mother: "Who knows what the gods have in store for us.  Today may not be the same as yesterday.

In spite of Xiao Sheng's hopes, every day is as hard as the last.  A terrible drought comes.  The sun burns down from the cloudless sky onto the parched land, and Xiao Sheng has to go farther and farther for green grass.  Then, one day, he finds a magic, shimmering pearl that glows like a rose-colored sunset.  The pearl brings Xiao Sheng and his mother good luck--and forever alters Xiao Sheng's destiny.

My son's #1 pick
Super-Dragon by Steven Kroll

Dragon Contest in two weeks!  Stunts!  Flying Competition!  Prizes $$$.
Great Balls of fire!  Drago wants to be in the flying contest.  But he hasn't learned to fly yet, and his family says he's too little to learn.  That doesn't stop Drago!  When his family's asleep, he tries and tries, but SPLAT! he fails.  Then he asks a bird to help him learn to fly, and they practice, practice, practice.  When the big day of the contest arrives, Drago proves that being little can't stop big dreams.

King Jack and the Dragon by Peter Bently and Helen Oxenbury
Night is falling . . . playtime is nearly over . . . But brave King Jack and his band of faithful knights are still protecting the castle from fierce dragons and terrible beasts!  This captivating, joyful take of make-believe is just perfect for brave children everywhere.

Jane and the Dragon by Martin Baynton
Everyone laughs at Jane for wanting to be a knight, except the court jester, who loans her his small suit of armor, and she spends her days practicing knightly duties.  When a dragon steals the prince, Jane sets out to rescue him.  After a long wearisome battle, they sit down and talk about what's expected of dragons (stealing the prince) and knights (being men).  In the end, she turns an enemy into a friend.

OH NO, Little Dragon!
 With a PHOOSH and a Grrrrrr and a CANONBAAAALLLLLL!, Little Dragon tears through his day (and the house)--but there's no OH NO! that can't be fixed by Mama's kiss.

When a Dragon Moves In by Jodi Moore
If you build a perfect sandcastle, a dragon will move in - and that's exactly what happens to one very lucky boy on the beach.  The boy and his dragon brave the waves, roast marshmallows, roam the shore, and have a perfectly amazing time together.  But when the boy tries to share the news of his magnificent dragon, no one believes him.  That's when the mischief begins.  The dragon devours every last sandwich, blows bubbles in the lemonade, and leaves claw prints in the brownies.  Is there really a dragon running around on the beach, or is someone's imagination running wild?

East Dragon, West Dragon by Robyn Eversole
East Dragon and West Dragon live on opposite sides of the world, have never met, and like it that way.  East Dragon is sure that West Dragon's huge wings mean that he is very, very strong.  West Dragon fears that East Dragon's looong, swishy tail means that he is very, very fierce.  What will happen when these two powerful, gigantic, and slightly terrified dragons finally meet?

Lovabye Dragon by Barbara Joosse
Once there was a girl, an all-alone girl, who didn't have a dragon for a friend.  And there was a dragon, and all-alone dragon, who dreamed of a girl for a friend.  When they meet, life is sweet!

Raising Dragons by Jerdine Nolen
It just does to show you how an innocent Sunday-before-supper walk can lead to just about anything.  Who could have known that it would lead to a pulsing egg, a baby dragon, and the best friend a girl could ever wish for.  Raised with love and care day by day, the dragon grows big, bigger, and still bigger until . . .  There's every chance that after reading Raising Dragons, you'll want to go searching for a dragon's egg of your very own!  You never know.

The Pet Dragon by Christoph Niemann
Meet Lin and her pet dragon!  When the dragon mysteriously disappears, Lin sets off on a journey to find her best friend . . . and readers set off on a journey of learning and discovery.

By ingeniously integrating written Chinese characters into the illustrations as the story progresses, Christoph Niemann has created a book that is engrossing, unique, and memorable.  The Pet Dragon is a playful introduction to the fascinating world of Chinese language and culture . . . and a terrific story to share with children everywhere.

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