Monday, November 4, 2013

13 for your 13th

You may not know this but Amy and I have a brother that is much younger than us.  He recently turned 13.  The older Jacob gets the harder he is to get gifts for.  And now he's a teenager! Teenage boys may just be the hardest demographic to shop for.  Another sister, Elise, and I decided to put together 13 little gifts for his 13th birthday.

We brainstormed and came up with some ideas of things he would like.  These are obviously specific to our little brother but maybe they will help you come up with something awesome for the teenage boy in your life!

1. A movie
2. 13 reasons why he is awesome
3. Red Vines (food is always a hit with boys)
4. Colorful sharpies for his newfound interest in art
5. Sweet and Salty granola bars... his favorite snack
6. 13 new recipes for him to try
7. A monogramed bucket... he can store those new sharpies inside!
8. A framed picture of Jacob with his sisters
9. Fun duct tape... to make a wallet or tie or anything else he can imagine up!
10. A cd of songs we love and that he should know
11. Thank you cards--since he is  always stealing Mom's 
12. Sudoku
13. Cereal.  Something that he loves and our mom doesn't buy much of!

I think the gift was a big hit (especially all the food!) What creative gift ideas have you come up with for the teenager in your life?

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  1. Jacob LOVED all the gifts. Thanks for being great sisters to him. You are such creative gift givers.