Monday, November 11, 2013

Lima Bean Sensory Play

My two year old loves to help in the kitchen.  He loves to pour and mix.  With the weather getting colder I've been trying to think up some more indoor activities to keep us happy and busy inside.  I remembered this activity I used to do with my daughter when she was much younger and thought my two year old would love it now too.

A $1 bag of dry lima beans is the perfect medium for playing with indoors.  Much cleaner than sand or water!  I pour the entire bag into a large bowl and my two year old can mix and pour and play!  I always lay out a blanket and the rule is that the lima beans have to stay on the blanket.  The last thing I want is a bunch of beans all over the house.

When we're done we store the beans in a zip lock bag to play with another day.

If you choose to do this activity with your toddler make sure that they're mature enough to not stick small objects in their mouth.

Is your weather getting colder?  What do you do to stay busy indoors with your small children?


  1. THis is a great idea. I forgot about this. Our weather isn't much colder... but sometimes I need indoor activities anyway :)

  2. This looks a great way to keep small children entertained. We have moved on to building up the excitement of Christmas and making TRH crafts.

  3. Great activity! Thanks for linking up and sharing with Life Created Tuesdays!

  4. Awesome idea. Thanks for sharing at What'd You Do,This Weekend.