Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Family History Wall

A few years ago the seedling of an idea began to grow in my mind.  I wanted to create a space in our home featuring our family history.  After years of planning and collecting--and altering plans because of moves--my plans are coming to life.  It's not in its final form by any means.  I still would like to collect pictures to add--but it's a start.

Here are some of the items I've hung so far:

Engagement photos of my parents and my in-laws
Four generation photo of me when I was a baby
Handkerchief which belonged to my great grandma

Teething ring that belonged to my husband's uncle who died as a child

State of Oklahoma (where we lived for 9 years)-- I bought the shape and cut it with my Silhouette

Watercolor map of our town in North Carolina--done on this great site

Scripture--Joshua 24:15
Picture of an LDS temple
Family Tree (cut from my Silhouette)
Copy of a list of family goals written by my grandparents years ago-- 4 things we will do daily, weekly, monthly and yearly

4 blank frames . . . which I will eventually add silhouettes of my boys (using this method)

I love how this all came together and I am excited to add to it--hopefully some wedding/engagement photos of our grandparents.  Because we believe that families can be linked together forever I want my boys to know where they came from.  This is just one small step I've made to share that with them.  

What do you do to share your family history with your children and others?



  1. I LOVE this idea!! Turned out great!!

  2. Stopping by from Show & Tell Saturday link party. This is such a great idea and unique. You always see just photos, it's much more meaningful to see pieces of family history incorporated. Loving it from the ladies at www.homemadeinterest.com