Monday, May 19, 2014

How to Make a Fabric Quiet Book Cover

Want to make a fabric cover for your quiet book?  I gave some brief instructions a few years ago how I made this cover but with all the extra quiet book pages I've sewn over the past few years I needed a few more covers, and why not make them all matching while I'm at it?  Something simple and sturdy to keep all my pages contained.

This is what I came up with:

I used quilted fabric to make my covers nice and thick and added two big chunky buttons just for fun.

All the pages are held together inside using three 1" binder rings looped through buttons holes in the cover.

The back has a nice big zippered pocket to hold any loose pieces.

I love to see my quiet book pages all neatly bound together sitting on the shelf.

Ready and waiting for little hands to come and play.

Want to make your own fabric quiet book cover?  Follow the directions below:

This cover is measured to fit my 7" x 8.5" quiet book pages.  Feel free to adjust the sizing to fit your own page dimensions.

Cut a 10.5" x 42" piece of fabric.  Fold in half.  Using a fabric pencil or marker, mark your fabric as indicated below.

Unfold fabric and cut along the 5 inch line marked along with a little "V" snip on each end.  This is where your zipper will go.  Fold the fabric toward the back creating a 5/8" opening.  Press flat with your iron.

Lay a 7" zipper on the wrong side of fabric over zipper opening, pull tab facing down.  Pin zipper and sew around opening to secure zipper in place.  Yeah!  You have the zipper done.  The hardest part is over.

Place a quiet book page on top of  the cover and center it over the 1.25" area.  Use a fabric pencil or marker to mark where the holes are onto your cover.

Using the place holding marks in the above step, place six 5/8" marks as shown below.

Using the button hole setting on your sewing machine create six button holes where your 5/8" marks are.  Carefully snip open button holes once done.

Unzip the zipper (this is important) and fold the quiet book cover in half.  Pin raw edges and sew at 1/4" (don't sew along the fold.)

Clip corners (be careful to not clip too close to the stitching).  This will help the corner lay better.

Now turn your cover right-side-out  through the zipper opening.

Use and iron to press your cover flat.  Stitch along your three marked lines from top to bottom.

Add a velcro closure to book cover and flap.

Sew buttons onto flap.

Insert quiet book pages into book by looping 1" binder rings through the button holes and quiet book pages.

Lovely little quiet books all done!


  1. Super cute! and perfect timing, I've got enough quiet book pages done now that I need to make a cover soon!

  2. I need to start making some quiet books for my girls. Great tutorial!

  3. These are so great! I really need to make some quiet books but haven't quite gotten myself motivated to do so. What a great way to bind them all up.

  4. Awesome!! Love this idea!

  5. Thank you for this tutorial. I am definitely making a quiet book soon for my little guy and this cover makes it looks so nice and professional!

  6. This is such a great idea, thank you for sharing this. I have to finish the quiet book I've started some times ago (my postponed project)

  7. Thank you so much for your detailed and organized directions and pictures! I have spent hours looking for a tutorial that I could really follow. Glad I didn't give up!