Monday, May 11, 2015

Baby Shower Printable

A friend of mine is expecting a little baby boy any day now.  I threw her a little shower last month to help celebrate her upcoming arrival.

I kept the decorations fairly simple sticking to a blue and white color scheme.  I decorated with a pennant banner, lots of balloons and this printable to help personalize the decor a little.  I just love pastel blue to celebrate baby boys.  There's just something so sweet and cozy about that color.

After creating my printable I stuck it in this frame from Ikea.  These frames cost only $1 and I love their unique shape.

 I just have to mention that these balloon sticks have been one of the best purchases I've ever made.  They come in handy for everything and make it so easy to decorate for birthdays or parties.  I got a pack of 144 and they are going to last me forever.  When I bought them I wasn't thinking that I could reuse the sticks when I was done with them so I think I'm set with balloon sticks for just about the rest of my life.  I picked up these glass vases at the dollar store filled them with tissue paper and stuck three 9" balloons in each one and placed them on a large paper dollie--my favorite touch.  Simple, inexpensive, big impact.

Here I used the balloon sticks again, this time in a larger vase, to create a bigger "bouquet".  I love how it turned out.

Feel free to use my printable for yourself  . . . or a friend.

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