Monday, May 18, 2015

Simple Baby Shower Cards

A few months ago the ladies at my church did a service project by putting together some newborn packets (clothes and blankets) to give to new moms in the hospital who have very little.  It broke my heart to hear that some moms have so little that they have to bring their babies home in brown paper.  I was asked to put together some cards to go along with the gifts.  It felt good to contribute to such a good cause.

If you've been handing around my blog for a while you'll know by now that I love simple--and that's just what these cards are.  Simple.  But Sweet.

I used my two inch scalloped punch on some cute scrapbook paper to create the bassinet by cutting out a quarter of the circle adding some button wheels at the bottom and a curvy little handle with a pencil.

A simple congratulations at the bottom finished the cards off along with a thoughtful note inside.

These cards were easy to mass produce and didn't take me to long to finish at all. Hopefully they helped some new moms feel loved and supported in one of the most important jobs on earth!


  1. These cards are the cutest! Who knew they were so simple to make? My kind of card, for sure! And I love the way you made these precious mothers feel special. God bless you and your church as you continue to reach out in the love of Jesus to reach the hurting.

  2. These are so cute! I think even I, a not-so-crafty person, could do this. I've got one cousin and two sister-in-laws due in the next 2 months, so this will come in handy. Thanks!