Monday, December 28, 2015

General Conference board October 2015

Earlier in the year I shared my General Conference Quote board that I have hanging in my home.  Well, in October I updated it to display quotes from the most recent General Conference.  I found (and pinned) most of my quotes on Pinterest.  (You can find all the ones I pinned HERE.)

However, some of the quotes that really stood out to me I couldn't find (or the orientation was wrong to fit into my board) so I created them myself.  This time around I made each print 7.25"x8".  This allowed for a total of 15 quotes.  Today I'd love to share my printables with you!

I have loved having these quotes hanging in our home and watching my boys stop to read them or comment that they remember a particular talk!  And I would love to see your conference quote board!

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