Monday, September 12, 2016

IKEA Hack: DIY Jewelry Organizer

My necklaces have been collecting for a while now on a hanger in my closet.  I place my smaller pieces of jewelry in my jewelry box on my dresser but my chunky long necklaces don't fit--so on a hanger in the closet they go. As the months (and years!) have gone by they've become a tangled mess.  I finally realized enough was enough and decided I needed a more organized solution for them. This jewelry holder is the results of my frustration.  It has plenty of hooks for all my necklaces and room for more.  I have it hanging on the wall in my bathroom so I can access them easily.

To make my jewelry holder I picked up this 20 x 20 RIBBA frame from IKEA.  It was very practically priced at only $15!

For a few dollars I got these 7/8 inch white hooks from Lowes.

I removed the backing and glass from the frame and marked where I wanted my hooks to go.  After my sweet husband saw me working to screw the hooks in for a few minutes, and realizing it was going to take me forever, he got out his drill and finished the job for me.  

All lined up in a row--nice and secure.

I then glued some fabric to the back of the frame using modge-podge. I spent way too long deciding on what pattern of fabric to use but in the end I went for the subtle white stripes. I decided a simple pattern was better since once I had all my necklaces hanging there would be a lot going on with colors and shapes.

All done and ready to hold some jewlery! I just love having my necklaces organized so prettily! 

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  1. looks really lovely! thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!