Monday, October 17, 2016

Farmer's Market - Create and Play Activity Book

My four year old told me the other day he wants to be a farmer when he grows up! This kid loves to make believe and pretend. Policeman, fireman, race car driver, garbage collector, doctor, mailman, and now farmer. It's always something new with this kid. When I came across Deanna Cook's new book Farmer's Market I was so excited to share it with my son. This book is full of goodies--games, crafts, field trip ideas, stickers . . . My four year old carefully looked through every single page and then we got to work creating this amazing farmers market.  

I can hardly call it work though. What I love so much about this book is that all the parts come as stickers or punch-out paper pieces so mom doesn't get stuck cutting everything and the projects come together flawlessly. The first project we tackled was the cash register.  It was great to have a special project for just the two of us to do together!

We then went to work on our farm. We created this amazing barn using dollar store poster board--Deanna's instructions made it ridiculously easy to put together. We made a field for our crops, tools to help us plant, and a tractor to help us plow.

Time to harvest some yummy veggies!

Getting the market ready to sell!

Woo-hoo! Customers!

Deanna has really thought of it all.  There are fruit and veggie paper punch-outs, labels for market goods, price tags, farmers market banner, price list, shopping list, business cards, money for the cash register, open/close sign, welcome sign, name tags, shopping bag labels . . . and I'm sure I forgot something! There's SO much in this little book!

The book is also full of activities like "what does a tractor do?" and "what do plants need to grow?" and "market math". You can design a dream market with stickers, go on a field trip to a farm and farmers market complete with scavenger hunt activities and so much more! When I say Deanna has thought of everything I mean she has thought of everything! This book is full of hands on learning and imaginative play!

If you have a little farmer in your family I just know they'll love this book as much as we did! Wouldn't it make a great gift pared with some cute kid sized gardening tools and seeds? Be sure to pick up your copy of Farmer's Market on Amazon. 

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