Monday, September 17, 2018

Pumpkin Banana Muffins (Egg free, Gluten free)

If you're looking for a clean eatin', gluten free, egg free, dairy free, vegan muffin you've come to the right place. These muffins have conquered the impossible. They are so moist and flavorful despite being gluten and egg free.

This is pretty much the only muffin I make these days. This recipe is a great way to use up all my ripe bananas, they're a hit with all my kids, and they're very versatile. To keep things from getting too boring I rotate between adding chopped up apple, mini wild blueberries, and mini chocolate chips to the batter. Even though I use the same base recipe each time my kids feel like they're always getting something new. I do have to note that I am quite opposed to chocolate chips in muffins. The flavor is just wrong to me and I don't think chocolate chips belong in breakfast food. So why I add them to these muffins on occasion is beside me. I guess I love to see the joy on my kids faces when they see chocolate chips in their muffins. I don't know. My favorite way to eat them is without any mix-ins but with pecan pieces sprinkled on top. I'm smart enough to know to only make a few of those per batch though since they aren't very popular with anyone else.

This recipe is quite large, yielding two dozen muffins, so feel free to half it if a smaller batch works better for your family. I like doing a large batch so I can use a whole can of pumpkin without any leftover and I like having some muffins to freeze for a later day.

Pumpkin Banana Muffins


6 overripe bananas
15 ounce can pumpkin (I like this kind)
2/3 cup coconut oil, softened or melted
1 cup honey or pure maple syrup
3 teaspoons vanilla
4 cups oat flour (I like this kind)
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 1/2 teaspoon Real Salt
1 teaspoon each: cinnamon, ginger, pumpkin pie spice
Mix-ins of choice (optional): Pecans, peeled and diced apple, wild blueberries, mini chocolate chips

Get the rest of the recipe over at Nourishing Bites.

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