Friday, November 2, 2018

Briefcase Doll House

We just celebrated my daughter's 4th birthday.  It's crazy to think that my first post on this blog occurred when my oldest was only 4!  

Months ago I found the cutest idea floating around Facebook for a dollhouse that you could carry around.  I just knew that my daughter would love something like that and planned on having it ready by the time of her birthday.

I started off by heading to the local thrift store to find a very small briefcase that I could use for the dollhouse.  Just when I was about to give up this little thing appeared before me.

It was the perfect size!  And once I opened it up I realized that it was an old cassette tape holder... that's not something you see anymore.

After using this free pattern to make some adorable felt paper dolls (and clothes!) I realized that this little home was big enough for 2 dolls. 

 With the original post as inspiration I began to design my dollhouse.  It was fun to go through my stashes of felt and scrapbooking materials to see what I could create.

I decided to modge podge everything (except the felt blankets) because I know how little kids are and didn't want the papers to get dirty or torn.  I also opted not to have a hanger for a change of clothes.  There were two reasons for this--the first is that I made lots of little outfits (not just one) and the second was that the clothes would inevitably fall off once the dollhouse was closed.  Instead I painted a small box to hold all the doll clothes.

Since my briefcase had an extra little insert (originally for hold the cassettes) I decided it would be fun to add a kitchen!

The inside was so cute that I couldn't bear to have her carrying around a drab brown case.  I decided to paint it purple (her favorite color) and modge podge a little house to the outside.

My daughter was thrilled to open this on her birthday and she has already put in a few requests for additions.  We'll see what I can do for her.

This little portable dollhouse is sure to bring hours of fun for one sweet little girl.

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