Friday, November 30, 2018

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Our youngest sister lives up in Alaska with her little family.  Their winters are long and cold so for Christmas I sent them a "Baby, It's Cold Outside!" package to help them survive the winter.  

I included things like a movie (so they could cuddle up together at home) and some hot chocolate (to warm them up).  My favorite addition to the package was a snowman kit!

I scoured our local thrift shop and found this fun, colorful crocheted scarf.  Another option would be to make a simple scarf out of fleece.  I found a carrot nose at Hobby Lobby in the floral section.  The hat was constructed of stiff felt, a ribbon, and hot glue.

For my snowman's buttons I found some brightly colored ones (to go along with the scarf) and glued golf tees to the back.  This allows them to be pushed in to the snow and (hopefully) stay put!

I did the same thing to some small stones (for his smile) and larger stones (for his eyes).  You could also attach a tee to the bottom of your top hat so that it will stay put!

I had a great time putting together this little snowman kit--and hopefully they've had just as much fun building snowmen with it!

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